Award-Winning Novel

award-winning-cover1Smoke in the Kitchen is about second chances.  This book, set in Freetown, Sierra Leone, tells the story about forty-three-year old Sara Moses, who happens to find life’s purpose where she least expects. The challenging situation she faces is not uncommon to Sara. Following the untimely death of her fiancé and her unborn daughter, her life becomes empty and meaningless. With much persuasion from her sister, she picks herself up, dusts herself off, and begins a new life. She falls in love and marries Benjamin Moses, a government official. Still plagued by her challenging circumstances, including her desire to have children, she starts the process of adopting two children. This doesn’t go well due to retaliation from an unknown source. Feeling devastated, Sara channels her energy by forming a reforestation society and encourages an entire nation to replant the forest. At the end, Sara provides a second chance to nature as well as to two innocent children.


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